Welcome to our online pottery studio, where tradition meets innovation. Linko Pottery is originally from Kobe Japan, grounded in traditional Japanese pottery arts. Our journey in ceramics has been one of continuous growth and integration, taking inspiration from our experiences in Montreal and Prince Edward Island. From our first exhibition at Montreal's Matsuri Japon Festival, to establishing our own studio here on the island, our pieces are now found in cozy cafés and restaurants and are displayed in giftshops across Canada, including Prince Edward Island, Québec, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia. Each step in this journey has deepened our connection to the craft of pottery.

Our work is guided by the Japanese ethos of 'wabi-sabi', which sees beauty and a need to appreciate our own "perfect imperfections" rather than covering them up. Every turn of the lathe and hand-carved detail reflects our dedication to craftsmanship and cherishing the little "imperfections" that give each piece its unique character.

Discover the fusion of Japanese spirit and maritime tranquility in our pottery collection. Each unique, hand-spun piece tells a tale of culture, craftsmanship, and the profound joy of creation.

Keep on turning,
– Linko